Hea päeviku lugeja, mul on heameel teavitada sind suurepärasest võimalusest saada RichDad Insiders klubi liikmeks kolmeks kuuks tasuta. Richdad Insiders klubi on www.richdad.com veebilehe tasuline osa, kust leiab palju huvitavat informatsiooni. Lisaks võimaldab see Cashflow e-mängu omanikel omavahel võrgus seda mängu mängida.

Kõige lihtsam on minna kohe aadressile:

Seal tuleb sisestada kood CFC102005G.

NB! Ootan teie arvamusi ja muljeid RichDad Insideritele mõeldud kodulehe osast ka siia päeviku kommentaaridesse!

Edasi võib lugeda kogu kirja, mis mõeldud edasisaatmiseks Cashflow klubi liikmetele... (kirjutatud Robert T. Kiyosaki poolt)

Dear CASHFLOW® Club Member,

My mission for creating the CASHFLOW 101 board game has never changed
since the day it was conceived: To teach people what my Rich Dad taught me
and for people to then teach the game to others. Since the game was
introduced in 1996, it thrills me to see the number of people who have
played CASHFLOW, and who play the game regularly and study the Rich Dad
information through the CASHFLOW Clubs. Today, there are over 1700
CASHFLOW Clubs throughout the world. I truly thank you for being part of
this growing exclusive community of clubs and for teaching others what you
are learning via Rich Dad and your CASHFLOW Club.

The CASHFLOW Clubs are my #1 priority. These clubs spring up all around
the globe, with no coaxing from The Rich Dad Company, and carry on the
work and embody the mission of The Rich Dad Company. The leaders of these
clubs are important teachers in our Rich Dad's Global Community. Your
CASHFLOW Club leader provides us with information on how best to support
the efforts of you and your club.

I am honored to join with your CASHFLOW Club leader and say, "thank you"
for your participation and support of your local CASHFLOW Club in 2005.

Along with the CASHFLOW Clubs there is another group of influential
individuals in Rich Dad's Global Community - Rich Dad's INSIDERS. The
INSIDER program is our on-line subscription-based community where the
INSIDERS get a behind-the-scenes -- an "insider" look into the Rich Dad
Company, on-line seminars and information from Robert not typically
presented to the public. You may even already be a Rich Dad's INSIDER.
CASHFLOW Clubs and Rich Dad's INSIDERS are my two highest priorities. You
are the leaders spreading my Rich Dad's information worldwide. You are
teachers, and I am honored that you have embraced Rich Dad's philosophy
and information for yourself and are inspiring others through your club.

In appreciation for your contribution throughout 2005, your CASHFLOW Club
Leader and I would like to thank you with a free 3-month subscription to
Rich Dad's INSIDERS. If you are already an INSIDER, this gift can be used
to extend your subscription for an additional 3 months. If you have not
yet experienced Rich Dad's INSIDERS, I invite you to join us.

Rich Dad's INSIDERS is an exclusive group within our on-line community
that receive the following:

Play the CASHFLOW e-game with people all over the world!

* RICH DAD TV: On-line seminars 24/7
Out of the Rat Race: Through my personal experiences, successes and
failures, as well as new information I teach the team inside The Rich Dad
Company how specifically to get out of the rat race.
- Guests: Personal advisors (of mine, Kim's and Sharon's), investing
partners and special guests share their expertise with INSIDERS.
- Reality On-line TV: You can count on me to talk candidly and uncensored
about what goes on behind-the-scenes of growing The Rich Dad Company. I'll
share with INSIDERS the good, the bad and, sometimes, the ugly.

- Rich Dad's Annual Block Party hosted by me, Kim and Sharon
- Workshops and book study groups often open only to INSIDERS

* DISCOUNTS to seminars, events and/or products



To take advantage of Rich Dad's INSIDERS for 3 months at no charge, use
your exclusive promotion code CFC102005G on the registration page of the
Rich Dad website by January 15, 2006. Go to

With thanks and great appreciation for your participation,
Robert Kiyosaki

P.S. - I look forward to sharing more with you in 2006. Thank you for your
contribution to the Rich Dad Global Community!

The Rich Dad Company